Introducing 7 examples of ways to increase site traffic on Google

Introducing 7 examples of ways to increase site traffic on Google

On the subject of ways to increase site traffic on Google, understanding that your consistent and useful presence in the online space is worth more than Google search rankings is essential to achieving a successful SEO that should always be remembered. However. It is important to know that your site is ranked by Google in global online businesses.

Here are 7 ways to improve SEO and increase website traffic.

What an SEO should know

If you claim to be an experienced SEO expert, then you should know that Google is constantly trying to spy on what enters its search ranking algorithm, which is constantly updated by Google when published. New update by Google Fans of this topic are trying to spread the hypothesis about bypassing SEO strategies in order to satisfy all the powerful Google boots. Every once in a while, Google’s behind-the-scenes experts make hints about the signs of these updates, which are sometimes important and sometimes insignificant to you, regardless of what Google’s elders do, and The planning they do should be known to be the key points in SEO that can help you in this way.

7 ways to practice more traffic to your site


1- Existence of alt text in photos

The presence of alt text in photos has been and is a valuable component in ways to increase site traffic in Google. Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in users’ attention to Google’s use of machine learning to better understand the nature and type of existing photos. , Which is actually the job of alt texts and is currently being examined in a different way by Google. Does this mean that alt texts are just a waste of time and do not matter?

Is it possible to omit the inclusion of alt text in photos in the content of the website?

The answer is that no, despite the addition of new methods for recognizing the type of image in Google by machine learning, you will not do any harm by defining alt text on the images on your website, and the existence of this option should not prevent the definition of these alt texts on the website You become. Keep in mind that these machine learning is a relatively new concept, and it should be noted that the alt text rationale on the photo will be completely obsolete in the next 5 to 10 years (or maybe even sooner than 5 to 10 years). However, it should be said that using old and pre-tested optimization methods in SEO of your website is safer and less risky and can play a significant role in increasing the site traffic in Google.


2- The power and credibility of your content should be your priority

On the web, the power and credibility of content has been and continues to be an ambiguous component from the beginning, and it is clear that Google is trying to direct users to more reliable and credible content than what they have searched for. According to updates on nuclear medicine in 2018 in Your Money Your Life, the industry needs to prioritize EAT (expertise, authority, trust) in content production. However, in a recent study conducted in March, it seems that many details about this concept were edited (although this can be said to be just a theory).

The importance of credibility and productivity of your content in SEO

People still do not understand the question of whether there is still a need to focus on building content credits in terms of content production, given the new Google updates. If so, how much should you focus on?

The answer to this question is quite simple and straightforward, you need to constantly focus on the credibility of your content, which leads to an understanding of the basics of producing reliable and productive content.

You should make sure that users have easy access to references and reliable sources of information and can be sure of the accuracy of your claim in your text, it is your job to refer the user to the source to make sure that your text is text It is reliable. These common strategies for building credibility in your content have been debated and considered since the advent of the Internet.

3- Creating longer content production

John Mueller said in general that a large number of words alone cannot be a factor in increasing your ranking in Google and considered it one of the most important ways to increase site traffic on Google.  Some people have a high number of words in their content but have no meaning and no meaning, so a large number of words cannot be a reason for the quality of your content. As a result, Google will not rank your content in terms of the number of words, texts with low number of words and high potential can be more valuable in Google rankings than long and full-text texts. However, it should be borne in mind that Creating powerful, word-of-mouth content is still of great value to us.

The importance of the number of words in your content in Google rankings

In content production and preparation of the platform for organic search, the most important thing is to provide text that can answer all user questions about the search and the user’s needs after reading the content is completely met, sometimes this text may contain 500 words. And sometimes 5000 words. As a site owner, as long as your text is meaningful and meaningful, the number of words in your content depends entirely on you.

The difference between a full text word and a short word text

According to Backlinko’s recent research on content research, creating long content can get about 77.2% more links than short content. And texts with longer content are more suitable for using backlinks and ultimately lead to increased organic search. It should be noted that more keyword content can be related to the words searched by the user and that is why producing content with more words is recommended to you.


4- Paying attention to AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page in order to increase traffic

Going back to John Mueller, who stated a few years ago that having AMP could not be a factor in ranking your site higher and better.

Pay attention to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) in order to increase traffic

These days, apart from the discussion of ranking your site AMP or website optimization for mobile is one of the requirements in terms of increasing the number of mobile searches, which ultimately leads to improving your site SEO . One of the biggest updates to Google in 2018 in relation to the prosperity and development of the mobile index has been exactly the same time that the importance of AMP in relation to the ranking clearly and is safe from the the increase in hits on Google knew .


Are AMP pages valuable in SEO?

Certainly not, AMP usage rates are rising rapidly. Nearly 31 million range last year of the AMP have used, it should be obvious that SEO is beginning of large screens of desktop PCs to smaller plates moved (mobile screen) and more than accept the resistance, the more the You are reasonably behind.


5- Using LSI keywords

Adding LSI keywords can be one of the most important ways to increase site traffic on Google. Indexing keywords with a hidden semantic load cannot directly affect the site ranking, however it should be said that choosing the right LSI keyword can cover the necessary information about the keywords and related phrases that are our main goal. Play an important role. Paying attention to this issue can help users who are searching by keyword to access your website.

Consequences of not using LSI keywords

If you do not use LSI keywords, you should know that Google can hardly match the link between your SEO and your website content, so instead of using your keywords too much in the content, use the combination of LSI keywords in Use Google Boots to better understand your content and its relevance to user needs.

Our ultimate goal in this discussion is to combine keywords with LSI keywords in a natural and conversational way. If you use these LSI keywords correctly, you will enable website visitors to find the answer to their needs on your page. As well as the positive results of this combination, we can point to better identification and knowledge of Google from the content of your site and increase organic search.


6- Using keywords in the site address can cause you to rank better.

The day when there is a precise match between site name and SEO is definitely a day that many people will be surprised. Today, domain URLs play a marginal role in Google rankings.


Using keywords in the site URL can help you rank better

Google has stated:

You want the answer, your request needs an answer, not millions of websites, this is where Google’s ranking system helps you find the best answer by using index search in a fraction of a second.

The importance of having a keyword in the site address

It should be noted that all that we have said so far does not mean that using keywords in your content is a wrong idea, matching domains with these keywords can potentially play a major role in ranking your website, but It should be noted that in the end this is quite risky.

The ultimate goal is to make the connection between the site address and the requests and needs of users. For example, let’s look at the phrase “US State Targeted Traffic.”

The intention of the user to search in this field is clear, most likely the user is a lawyer who is looking for information on the legal market. Using a keyword in a search can be useful in ranking a site.

In some cases, combining keywords with domain-related domains can be a clue to better understanding your entire site and guiding the user in answering their questions. But this will not work for all domains.

Keep in mind that the decision to use this method requires a lot of attention because Google identifies the exact match with the domain and tries to track it if people use it too much.

7- Using HTTPS instead of HTTP on the website

Google said HTTPS had little effect on site rankings, and John Mueller confirmed the claim in January.

Although you do not need HTTPS to be technically indexed by Google, this does not mean that you do not need an SSL certificate and website security verification!