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We are a US-based company with two decades of experience in helping businesses grow through digital marketing.

There are no gimmicks or questionable practices. At Targeted Web Traffic, we have the experience and versatility necessary to navigate the ever-changing technology landscape. 

We only use proven digital marketing strategies and advanced SEO techniques to drive real traffic to your website or blog leveraging sophisticated targeted options that help ensure that visitors have a strong propensity to be interested in your offer or messaging.


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Standard Targeted Traffic

From $15

  • GEO-Targeted Traffic: Reach Your Audience!
  • Target Your Niche with Category Targeted Traffic!
  • Traceable Traffic: Monitor in Google Analytics
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Targeted Organic Traffic


  • Drive Traffic with 3 Long-Tail Keywords (3 keywords in each campaign)
  • Niche Targeting: Category Targeted Traffic!
  • Track Traceable Traffic with Google Analytics: Gain Valuable Insights!
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Mobile Traffic


  • Target Android & iOS: Reach Both Platforms!
  • Category Targeted Mobile Visitors
  • Traceable Traffic Monitoring with Google Analytics
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Social Media Traffic

from $20

  • Drive Web Traffic from Facebook & Twitter and …
  • Targeted Category
  • Traceable Traffic in Google Analytics
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State Targeted USA Website Traffic

from $14

  • Target All 50 US States
  • Targeted Category
  • Traceable Traffic in Google Analytics
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Targeted Email Marketing

from $15

  • Target Countries
  • Targeted Category (Three Categories, One Campaign )
  • Guaranteed 2.75% Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Three Captivating Campaign Titles!
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Your content, messaging and offers are only as good as the audience that you reach. Many tech-savvy companies have known for years that buying targeted website traffic is a relatively low-cost / high-impact supplement to any robust marketing plan. But – the masses are catching on!  Whether you are a Fortune 1000 company, small business or non-profit, start up or even an individual with an interesting idea you want to share with the world, Targeted Web Traffic is committed to making high quality, safe traffic easily accessible to all! 

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  • Help prospective customers find you!
  • Improve your Google ranking!
  • Increase your online presence!
  • Improve your market share!
  • Drive engagement and revenue results!


Simply put – we’re the best out there!  We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and integrity.  We will never make false promises and will never do anything to compromise your safety.  Our focus is on delivering cheap, safe, high-quality traffic options to our diverse customer base.

How do we do it?  For our Standard Traffic offerings, we leverage our extensive networks that have been established over almost two decades to drive traffic to your website or blog in accordance with the targeting options YOU select (geography, category, etc…). 

Our exceptional Premium Organic Traffic has been growing in popularity for its ability to drive results!  It is keyword driven and can be targeted by search engine and geography. 


  • Real human traffic – NEVER unethical software, proxies, or bots!
  • Robust targeting options mean visitors have a higher propensity to convert $$!
  • Advanced tracking for all traffic types!
  • We aren’t cheap, but we are affordable – there’s a traffic option for any budget!
  • Excellent customer service – we are always happy to help you select the traffic package that is best for you!
  • Monthly subscription discounts!
  • Custom packages available – we know that one size does not fit all!

Buy Our Cheap Website Traffic and Increase Your Conversion Rates while Boosting SEO

Due to the high quality of the website traffic that you buy from us, you know that the users – the audience of your content – are truly interested in your company and its products and services. This means that they stay on your website longer and browse through your offer – and you benefit from it in multiple ways!

Buying high-quality web traffic means that your conversion rates will skyrocket. Users within your interest groups and target audience are more likely to convert, so by opting for our excellent website traffic services, you don’t only attract them, but you actually make sales on them – getting a return on your investment into cheap website traffic bought from us quickly! And this is not the end of the advantages.

By getting users whose interests are in line with your business or the content that you offer on your website, you make the average stay on your site longer. This, on the other hand, sends a clear message to Google that your website is valuable, boosting it in the eyes of algorithms and improving its ranks in search engine result pages (SERPs). What does it mean for you? Even more users coming to your site from organic traffic! So, buy our cheap web traffic, get more than just a boost in visitors for a short period of time – increase the general user flow and reap the harvest for months or even years. It’s a perfect way to kickstart your SEO!

You don’t have content to keep the users on board? Don’t worry – check our additional services and let us write gripping, SEO- and user-friendly content for you!

Sold on what Targeted Web Traffic can offer you?  Check out Before You Order to get started! 

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