Targeted Web Traffic Additional Services

Targeted Web Traffic Additional Services

For when you need a little more than website traffic …

We’ve been doing what we do for a long time and as such, we’ve grown considerably over the years.  This has meant adding new members to our TWT core team through which we’ve been able to glean from fresh perspective and new ideas.  This has helped us continually refine and improve existing products in addition to benefitting from added competencies resulting in new service offerings.   

We are proud to offer our customers premium Email Marketing and NEW Content Development Services.  Learn more below!

Targeted Email Marketing Services

We offer our customers a variety of effective mechanisms to help get you in front of your customers -fast!  Email marketing can be one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing arsenal, if executed well. 

Our email marketing services make it easy, safe and affordable to get your content into the inboxes of real people who have a strong propensity to be interested in your product, service, or messaging.

    • We offer exceptional targeting options by geography and market category (up to 3 per campaign)
    • We use a triple opt-in permission-based system
    • We leverage our expansive network database compiled over many years along with trusted partner databases for the best results
    • Our campaigns are protected by Spam Guardian

While we can never predict or guarantee specific results when we are talking about a human response, we have seen (up to) an astounding 2.75% click-through-rate on our email marketing campaigns.  Our customers who see the highest ROI on this service are committed to creating high quality relevant content as well as compelling and time sensitive offers.  As with all our services, email marketing campaign content is subject to approval against our Terms & Conditions designed to keep you (and us) safe!  See our Policy Guidelines here. 

We are happy to talk with you about putting a winning email marketing campaign together today!  Please contact us to learn more! 

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Content Development Service


As we’ve worked with thousands of customers spanning the globe across countless market segments, we’ve identified a need for quality content development.  What we offer is beyond simple blog or Facebook post to compliment your SEO strategy and maintain a social media presence.  Our content development services are for projects when you need a seasoned marketing professional with a discerning approach to help you get noticed. 

Our niche (and where our passion lies) is cross-cultural marketing and communications.  We love to help non-native English speakers market to a western audience and avoid those pesky “lost in translation” moments.  This entails not only standard editing for grammar, spelling and punctuation, but also advanced wordsmithing and thought leadership to ensure that your message is not only understandable, but relevant and compelling to your audience. 

Our small, US-based Content Development Services team consists of experienced professionals including a B2B sales and marketing consultant turned writer/editor/wordsmither.  This group thrives on travel and experiencing different cultures and languages, however it’s important to understand that we are not translators. That said, we can take your draft (even if the English is far from perfect) and transform it for you.  We can also work with you to build original content.  Also note that we are not graphic designers or web developers.  We work solely on content, although we have trusted partners we are able to recommend for other services including web design/build, SEO and more.   

Project Experience Examples

      • SEO-optimized website content
      • Articles and whitepapers
      • Brochures, menus, and other hospitality-industry materials
      • Marketing collateral pieces
      • Books
      • Human resource documentation (job postings, interview guides, offer/lay off letters, etc.…)
      • Best Practice and SOP documentation
      • Business correspondence
      • Program management tools (task plans, etc.…)
      • CRM design and build
      • Quality and performance management tools
      • Customer research/survey instruments
      • Proposals

Our Process

We will consult with you upon engagement to ensure that we understand your project well including your target audience/demographic, objectives as well as your brand.  We want our final product to not only be well-written from a mechanics perspective, but we want to ensure it resonates with your audience by applying an appropriate language and tone.  The more we work together, the easier and more efficient the process is!  

As with all our services, Content Development projects are subject to approval against our Terms & Conditions designed to keep you (and us) safe!  See our Policy Guidelines here

Once approved, we will provide a proposal with custom pricing along with estimated completion date.  We do this for all projects, large and small.  We can generally start the work quickly as we understand that most communications are time sensitive. 

Expect some collaboration as we go.  We will always ask that we have a point of contact so that we are able to clarify and make recommendations, especially for cross-cultural communications. We will provide you with a draft for approval with the ability to request some changes (as defined in your proposal) prior to submission of final draft.   

We work on a per-project basis or on a monthly retainer when you don’t want to hire a full or part-time resource but need a flexible staffing option to expand your bandwidth or augment your sales or marketing department.  We love repeat customers and those that we work with on an ongoing basis as we find that we quickly get into a grove where we need less input from you as an extension of your organization. 

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities!