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Buy Mobile Traffic!   Our high quality Targeted Global Mobile Traffic and Targeted USA Mobile Traffic is a great way to find your target demographic right where they are at.  Our traffic comes from mobile devices, both iOS and Android.  Simply select the amount of Targeted Mobile Traffic you want, select one Category and one Country per standard order to further target your desired prospect demographic.  From there, let us know how you’d like us to pace the delivery and provide your target URL.  Note that while we deliver real, human visitors with a potential interest in your product, service or topic we cannot dictate or guarantee human response.  For the best results, we recommend fresh, relevant content and compelling offers or calls to action to engage your new visitors.

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NOTE: One Country and one Category per standard campaign. For a custom order with multiple Countries/Regions, or Categories, please email us to inquire.

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Our premium Mobile Targeted Traffic is a fast, safe way to boost your website or blog visibility in the marketplace especially as more and more people migrate from desktops to mobile devices.  In fact, according to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices. Our Targeted Mobile Traffic is sourced from iOS and Android devices and offers our customers the added bonus of having a positive impact on your Alexa Ranking and SEO (compared to standard Targeted Website Traffic).   Some may say this is Cheap Mobile Traffic, but we like to call it “affordable”, because there is no compromise to the quality you receive.   Select quantity, Country and Category, along with delivery timing and you’ll be on your way!

  • We deliver real mobile visitors with unique IP addresses
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  • Very low bounce rate
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Supplementing your marketing plan with Mobile Targeted Traffic can be a powerful tool.  Targeted Mobile Visitors come from a variety of sources:

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When you are placing your Targeted Mobile Traffic order, please check to ensure that your website or blog is aligned with our terms and conditions:

  • NO auto sound or auto video play
  • NO frame breakers
  • NO popups
  • NO adult or pornographic content
  • NO content promoting gambling
  • NO auto software installer, Trojans or adware
  • NO content promoting illegal activity or terrorism


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Target Category:

Horse & Dog Racing, Sports Betting, Free Games, Advertising Media, Agriculture, Animals, Antiques, Arts, Associations, Astronomy, Auctions, Autos, Babies, Bathroom, Beauty, Bicycles, Boats, Books, Business, Business Opportunities, Building, Camping, Charity, Children Products, Clothes, Collectibles, Computer Advice, Computer Peripherals, Computer Programming, Computer Software, Computer Viruses, Confectionery, Consumer Electronicser, Cooking, Cosmetics, Crafts, Dating & Personals, Credit Cards, Dance, Debt Consolidation, Diet, Domain Names, Education, Employment, Entertainment, Exhibitions, Fabrics, Family, Farming, Fashion for Men, Fashion for Women, Finance, Fitness, Flights, Food & Beverage, Free Stuff, Furniture, Gambling, Games, Gardening, Genealogy, Geography, Gifts, Golf, Government, Hair, Health, Health for Men, Health for Women, High Tech, History, Hobbies, Home-Based Business, Household Electrical Items, Home Improvement, Horoscopes and Astrology, Horses, Hotels, Humor and Fun, Income Opportunities, Industry, Information, Insurance & Banking, Internet Services, Investment, Jewelry, Jobs and Careers, Kids Activities, Kitchen, Language, Law & Law Enforcement, Loans, Magazines, Marketing (Internet), Marketing (non-Internet), Matchmaking/Dating, Media, Mobile Phones, Money Making, Mortgages, Movies & Films, Multi-Level-Marketing, Music/MP3, Nature & Animals, Office Supplies, Organizations, Personal Advice, Personal Homepage, Pets, Real Estate, Religion, Safety and Security, Sales, Science, Seniors and Retirement, option, Shopping, Smoking and Tobacco, Software, Sports, Tax, Toys, Training, Travel and Tourism, Transportation, Web Design, Web Hosting, Web Resources, Webmasters, Wedding and Marriage, Select Your Category

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1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days, 5 Days, 7 Days, 10 Days, 12 Days, 15 Days, 18 Days, 20 Days, 25 Days, 1 Month, 2 Months, 3 Months, 4 Months, 5 Months, 6 Months, 7 Months, 8 Months, 9 Months, 10 Months, 11 Months, 1 Year

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United States, North America, Africa, Asia, European Union, Middle Eastern, South America, Worldwide, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Caribbean Islands (Limited Traffic), China, Columbia, Czech Republic (Limited Traffic), Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungry (Limited), India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Montenegro, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Serbia (Limited), Singapore, Slovakia (Limited Traffic), Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam