Increase Site Traffic with 17 fully functional techniques (100% free)

Increase Site Traffic with 17 fully functional techniques | Targeted Web Traffic

Increasing site traffic is one of the most important tasks that webmasters should take seriously and plan for. No matter in what area you operate if you have a real human website traffic inevitably you for raising visit the site  yourself some ways tried to implement as you like large sites convenient traffic in mind and the nature of the products and service better and more visible.

Increase site traffic

Note: One of the main reasons for the failure of many sites in the early years of operation is the lack of sufficient visitors to the site.

Note: All methods taught are important and integral parts of SEO. If you still don’t know what SEO is, use the tutorial we published on the site.

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17 techniques to increase site traffic

1- Writing popular articles

One of the free and important ways to build traffic and increase site traffic is to produce high-traffic and valuable content for site users.

Before writing content, you should first do a thorough research on keywords so that you can find the most searchable topics in your business.

Search for keywords

Using tools like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends or Kw finder can be the best help in choosing the right keywords. Try to complete your production content and cover all the questions in the minds of users. Comprehensive content allows users to spend more time on your site and put your Google in higher results.

2- Using video

For several years, the use of videos has almost replaced textual content, and users have become more inclined to use this type of educational content. If you want to surpass your competitors and really experience an increase in targeted website traffic, try to produce educational and instructive videos and put them on your site and social networks and video publishing websites.

3- Holding webinars and events

One of the newest ways to generate social media traffic for your site and to engage and engage your audience with you and your site is to use online events such as webinars or live on social media.

With the advancement of societies, Internet users have become more inclined to participate in online courses and try to distance themselves as much as possible from attending face-to-face meetings and classes. This has led many websites to take advantage of this gap. There are online systems that provide you with online webinar or classroom services and charge you very little for face-to-face classes.

If you can hold free or low-cost training webinars during the month and introduce your site to users and make them your favorite.

4. Use audio files or podcasts

Less-volume audio files than videos, as well as ease of playback, have made many users interested in using them. Try to use this technique to increase your site traffic and interact with your site users. The good thing about using this method is that you don’t need special equipment compared to videos. You can also produce a quality audio file with your mobile phone and publish it on your own site.

5- Get back-links

One of the old ways to increase the popularity of the site with Google is to use back-links, this method does not directly affect the increase in site traffic, but it can popularize the content published within your site with Google and keywords on the internal pages of the site on the first page. Google. In this way, your content has a very high chance of being seen by your site’s contacts, and thus back-links can attract more indirect visitors to you.

6- Activities in social networks

It’s no secret that working on social media is one of the best ways to increase your site traffic. More people in today’s society have access to technology and mobile. With a mobile phone and the Internet, you can easily be present and active on social networks.

As a business owner or webmaster, you can work on social media strategies and interact with your audience. Subscribe to all social networks and create a page for your site and put content in it regularly and attract followers for yourself.

7- Create a magnet to attract the audience

One of the most important ways that more than 70% of websites still do not know is the magnet for attracting the audience to the site. With this technique, you can receive your users’ information for gifts and then market them with specific goals.

First, create a valuable course or tutorial, then put it on your site and use plugins or coding to force you to download your email or phone number if a user wants to download it. Then the gift will be emailed to her. With this technique, you can directly gather valuable information from users who are interested in you and your business. Now you can bring them back to your site by email marketing or introduce your products to them and increase your chances of selling.

8- Improving the previous articles of the site

It is safe to say that more than 90% of webmasters do not use this method at all or are unaware of it. Your published articles have a high potential to rank better in Google and bring more audiences to your site, thus increasing the number of visits to your site. To use this method, just search for Google Webmaster Tools to find your keywords that have a high impression, then select the ones that have a position greater than 5 and work on them. Put more content in them or in them. Post a video.

With these simple techniques, you can force Google to reconsider to put you in a better position than your competitors. So take this seriously. If you are looking to work on these issues more seriously and professionally, be sure to read the article on the rank brain algorithm , in which we explained in detail how Google ranks content in 2019-2020.

9- Internet advertising

So far, all the ways we’ve introduced you to increase site traffic have been through free resources, and of course over time. In some cases, you need to quickly get a lot of people into your site or introduce a specific product. To do this, you can use Google ads called Ad Words.

By spending your budget, you can be on the first page and even the first link for every keyword, but this is subject to spending, and once your budget is up, you will no longer have results. Try to use this method for testing as well, because the traffic that is created for you in this method is quite purposeful and very reliable, which can have a great impact on your sales.

10. Activities in forums and forums

The next important thing that I don’t pay much attention to is working in forums that are exactly related to your field of work. Try to make a difference for yourself.

By working within these sites, you can answer users’ questions and build credibility for yourself. Rest assured that in this way, people will be interested in you and your business and will have more interactions with you and will increase your site traffic by constantly visiting your site.

11- Using meta description:

When a user searches for something, the search results page shows links to pages and sites related to the search term.

On this page, at the bottom of each URL, a short, concise text is displayed that allows the user to find the pages and sites they want by reading them. So to increase your site traffic, increase Google rankings, and help your user find what they need, never forget the importance of meta descriptions.

12- Using appropriate hashtags:

Using hashtags to increase site traffic is very effective and will help you attract users to your website if you search for those words. Of course, the use of hashtags requires sufficient accuracy and knowledge and should be taken seriously. Hashtags are things that, when used, should be both standardized and strictly avoided.

For example, you should use hashtags related to the product or article on the site and know that if you use irrelevant words as well as extremes, it will cause very serious damage to the site in terms of SEO.

13- Creating landing pages:

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Target pages have different purposes in different locations and are also called landing pages. Each of these pages is designed differently depending on the purpose, but in designing them, you must pay attention to their user-friendliness. Examples of these pages are:

• Get user information such as email address or phone number

• Increase visits to a specific product

• Click on a specific link

Now the question is, why should these pages be designed this way?

Take a look at the three examples above and we’ll take a look at each one in order to explain the importance of designing these types of pages:

1. In the first example, when we direct a user to landing pages to get his information, we make our site and products more visible. How?

  • Using SMS or email, we inform users of various discounts for increasing sales.
  • We set special conditions for users who are regular members of the site.
  • When generating content and publishing it or even a new product, we inform users to increase the number of visits.

2- In the second example, increasing the number of visits to a product will definitely lead to more sales and business prosperity.

3- In the third example, by clicking on different links, you can direct users to the site and thus increase the number of visits.

14. Write long titles for articles

To increase your site traffic, pay attention to how articles are written. Try using long, long titles. In this case, the user can see your site in their search results either by searching the whole title or by a part of it.

So, writing longer titles than short ones is used more to increase site traffic.

15- Launching email marketing

This is very important in increasing site traffic, which is not possible without knowledge and understanding of this type of marketing. So we advise you to take a look at the targeted email marketing section of the server administrator site to increase your knowledge in this area.

16- Offline advertising:

Using billboard ads, banner ads, tracts, as well as TV ads, creates a sense of curiosity and encourages the audience to take a look at your site and review the products and content advertised.

17. Content Marketing:

There are many sites that work in this field and you can help them to increase your site traffic as well as sell more of your products. Suppose we have a content marketing site and we make money this way; We are currently working on a project about an SEO consultant.

What we need to do here is to produce strong content about the SEO consultant and make sure that there are no ads in the content of the article. Finally, for indirect marketing, either link the SEO keyword to the site or at the end of the article introduce a list of sites that work in this area so that the user can refer to them if desired.

Since the articles produced in the content marketing section are unique, users basically trust the items introduced and are attracted to them.

Eventually, the number of visits to these sites will increase.

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