How Long Does It Take for A New Website to Get Traffic?

Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic

What Type of Websites Get the Most Traffic?

Get traffic to your website and creating traffic means directing visitors to our site. This can be done both online and offline. For example, on social media and other sites, we encourage people to visit our site. Traffic can also be generated offline.

For example, in all advertisements, business cards and even phone calls, encourage people to visit our site. Many novice internet marketers find it difficult to generate traffic; But this is not the case. It is enough to allocate a proper budget to attract many visitors to the site.

The Different Types of Website Traffic Explained

Free traffic

You can direct visitors to the site with free methods. For example, you can use free ad sites, link exchange, video, social media and search. Perhaps the best way to generate free traffic is SEO. SEO is a science that helps make changes to the site and off-site so that more people will find you by searching. For example, be redirected to your site from Google or other sites get traffic to your website free.

Money traffic

There are several ways you can generate paid traffic.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising, we can call PPC for short, is one of the good types to generate lead and money traffic. The advantage of this method is that you only pay the advertiser when someone clicks on your ad and enters your site. If someone sees the ad and does not react, no amount will be paid. The best example is Google’s click-through ads. You can click ad to Google.

Your site will appear in the first Google results when interested people search for specific keywords. Of course, the word AD is added in front of your site name so that searchers know this is an ad!

Display Advertising (PPI)

In Pay Per Impression ads, you pay for the number of ads displayed. In this way, the advertiser has no guarantee how many viewers will click on the ad; But it guarantees that your ad will be displayed, for example, 100,000 times. One of the best examples of display advertising is the Blogger site.

Long-Term Advertising

The third type of paid advertising is long-term advertising. Website traffic provider only guarantees that your ad will be displayed on the site and drive visitors to your website for a certain period of time. For example, the banner will show you for 30 days. There is no guarantee that this ad will be viewed many times and how many visitors will click on it. Sites with fewer viewers usually sell their ads with this model.

Increasing site traffic is a necessary step for the success of internet businesses. Whatever your site is, the first thing you need is a visitor. Without visitors, you will not have fans and as a result, your sales will be zero!

But how to increase site traffic? Using the following 20 methods, you can increase site traffic and create sustainable traffic for your site from today.


First, let’s look at this method quite obviously. Advertising in search engine results, social media advertising and graphic advertising are all great ways to attract people, build your brand and make your site stand out. Develop a paid advertising strategy that is consistent with your goals.

Do you just want more traffic, or do you want to increase conversations about your products? ‌ Each ad company monetization has platform for publishers. advertising solutions its own advantages and disadvantages. So, pay attention to your goals when paying for advertising.

There are many sites where you can click on the ads. Consider a daily budget and get started.

How to Get Traffic to your Website Without Social Media

Main question: how to get millions of traffic to your website. Create a page on all popular social media and publish useful and valuable content about your work. Do not introduce your products as much as possible on these pages. Write the best and readable and east to understand content that your audience will enjoy seeing.

Perhaps the best way to publish educational content is to be very short because it helps to increase your site traffic quickly. Using Instagram story and linking to the site is one of the ways to increase site traffic that has a significant effect.

If you are a business-to-customer manufacturing company, you can greatly increase your site traffic by advertising on photo-centrist social sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Write compelling titles

Titles are one of the most important parts of content. Even the most comprehensive blog posts will not be read without an effective title. Become a master of the art of title writing. For example, the authors of BuzzFeed and Unworthy write at least 20 titles per article before agreeing on the top title that will generate the most traffic to the site. Think carefully about your title before pressing the submit button.

How much does SEO Increase Traffic?

Content is king and for search engines is still a valuable for ranking.

  • Do you get the most out of a text image?
  • Do you make internal links to access your fresh content? Site optimization should not take too long to use internal SEO, and this will help to increase your site traffic naturally.

In this case for each article, link to other related articles on your blog post. All photos must have the appropriate captions that you add when uploading the photo. Highlight important keywords in the article.

Long Tail Keyword Example Guide

Now it’s time to use long keywords. Long keywords make up the majority of searches on the web, and if you do not include them in your paid search engine or WordPress SEO, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

For instance, rather than attempting to SEO “site plan”, you can zero in on words like “store site plan in Tehran. These kinds of watchwords can undoubtedly get a decent situation in Google.

Be active in forums or forums

Writing articles in forums and replying to posts related to your work is a great way to present yourself. By simply answering the questions posed in the forums, you can easily become an expert in your business among those who are interested. You will also find common questions and the main needs of those interested.

Also check that the forum rules allow you to put a link to yourself as a signature or subtitle. If so, be sure to use this opportunity to get people interested in visiting your site by reading your answers and content. This will increase the traffic to your site.

Start blogging as a guest

Constantly writing guest posts on a popular site can increase your site traffic and brand your brand, but be aware that guest posting criteria have changed completely and using spam tactics can result in heavy fines. Be careful.

Write short or multi-page articles and include a description of yourself and a link to your site in the Resources section and “About the Author”. Submit these articles to news sites, regular magazines or online magazines, or to article download and distribution sites, depending on the length of the article.

In addition to increasing site visitors, these articles will make you known as an expert in a related field of work and increase your chances of buying. Many will also republish these articles or post them on their site, which will bring you a lot of free traffic and credibility.

One of the good sites to publish an article and increase traffic is the comma site.

Invite Others To Write On Your Site

Writing guest posts is a two-way street. In addition to posting content on other blogs, invite people in your field to post on your site. They will probably put a link to access that content on your site on their own site as well, so new readers will come to your site. You just have to post quality and original content without spammy links, because Google penalizes poor quality guest posts.

Generate Awesome Viral Content

Instead of trying to persuade other sites to put your content link on their site, which is a tedious and time consuming process, create content that everyone begs to put on their site.  Highly valuable and unique content is shared by others without much effort. This will direct new people to your site.

Focus On LinkedIn Post

LinkedIn has become more than just a place to find new work. Now this is the largest social network of experts, a valuable place to publish content, and for this reason, you should always post in it. By doing this, you increase your site traffic and your reputation in the industry, especially if the number of your followers is medium to high. Every article you publish on the site, link to it on LinkedIn so that new people can visit your site.

Have An Internal Link

The strength of your link is not only determined by the number of sites that have shared it, but also by the structure of your internal linking. When producing and publishing content, pay attention to the provision of internal links. This not only helps SEO, but also leads to a better and more useful experience for users, which are the main factor in increasing organic site traffic.

Interview Leading People In Your Field

Do you think that interviews are only for adults? You will be surprised to find out how many people are eager to interview you and answer your questions. Just ask them. Send an interview request email to leading people in your area and publish these interviews on your blog.

Not only will your reputation and your site traffic increase as your name gets known, but the person you interviewed may also publish the text of the interview, which will lead to more views.

Take Email Marketing More Seriously

Many businesses focus so much on attracting new customers through content production that they forget about older methods. Email marketing is a powerful tool and even the average success of emails can lead to a significant increase in site traffic.

Just be careful not to bombard people with emails about your new products. Also, do not underestimate the power of word of mouth; Especially from people who are satisfied with your products and services. Sending a friendly reminder email about a new product or service can also help increase your site traffic.

Focus quite seriously on getting emails on the site and sending emails.

Use an Email Signature

Make a simple signature with a one-line description of the main benefits of your service. You can put this signature under any email you send, you can even make messages with related substance and disseminate it with your own mark. Note that these emails will get a lot more people interested in your ads when they are hand-picked. Note that friends of those who are interested in your work and receive forwarded emails are also likely to be interested in your work.

Make Sure Your Site Is Responsive

Gone are the days when we only had access to the Internet and Internet search through the home computer screen. More visitors are using their mobile devices to access the web, and if you force visitors to find their way to your site on their own, you are practically telling them to leave your site and reach out to others. Even if you have a simple, basic website, you still need to make sure it is accessible and accessible on a variety of devices, including smaller smartphones.

Work On Site Speed

Have you ever waited 30 seconds for a webpage to open? It did not happen to me. If your site takes a long time to open, the dropout rate will be very high. Ensure your site pages are pretty much as in fact advanced as could be expected, and give specific consideration to record size, page structure, and module execution. The faster your site opens, the better.

Use Video Marketing

Textual content is great, but video is a valuable tool for attracting new and engaging visitors to your site. The data show that the retention of visual information is much greater than textual, and as a result, video marketing is a great way to attract and retain the attention of the audience and at the same time increase site traffic.

Make videos about your work and products and services and publish them on sites like YouTube. In the video description, invite people to visit your site for more information.

Answer the Questions on Other Sites

Many sites and blogs have many questions that no one can answer. If you have articles and content on your site that helps these people, you can give a short answer and direct the person to your site article for more information.

Of course, this method is not always usable, and your answer may not be approved by the administrator of that site.

Exchange Links

Sharing links with non-competitors but related to your business or your target market can be a great source of traffic. In this way, both you and the site with which you exchange links will benefit. Request links to sites whose Alexa rank is about the same as yours. Do not expect sites with much better rankings than you to be willing to exchange links.

What is Website Traffic in SEO?

Use your site’s advertising space to advertise another site and ask that site to place your site ad on its site. This is something like link exchange, but instead of a link you are probably exchanging a colorful banner ad.

Of course, there are many ways to increase site traffic. If you have used a particular method, you can let us know.