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is buying website traffic a good idea

How can I get High Quality Web Traffic to My Website on Low Budgets?


In general, advertising in internet business is one of the fastest and best ways to increase site traffic. Advertising is generally done in different ways. In some cases, you can increase your site traffic by using offline ads and in some cases online. If we want to tell you an example of offline advertising.

Suppose you can increase the number of visitors to your website by writing the name of your website on your business card. Or if you want to promote your website through city-wide billboards, this is called offline advertising to increase site traffic. Of course, in some cases, offline advertising can be very costly for start-up businesses.

Is Buying Website Traffic A Good Idea

Therefore, online advertising can be a better option for such businesses. Buying website traffic for Online advertising on the Internet is done in 3 ways.

1-1) Click Ads

In this way, your business ads are displayed on a specific website and you are based on the number of clicks on your website. You pay for the advertiser’s website. You may be interested to know that in some cases Google also does such ads for websites. Such websites are displayed based on specific keywords in Google and are usually placed at the top of the results page.

1-2) Advertisements in the form of link exchange

In some cases, you may decide to exchange links with another site to increase your site traffic.

Of course, you should note that the site with which you intend to exchange links should be thematically related to your website.

How Much Traffic Is A Website Getting

Link exchange is also mentioned as one of the cheapest ways to increase site traffic.

1-3) Theatrical ads

Theatrical advertising is actually like physical advertising. Because you pay for that website based on how long your ad is placed.

In fact, in this method, unlike click-through ads, you do not pay per click.

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2- Increasing site traffic using social networks

In recent years, social networks have become a platform for advertising and increasing site traffic for businesses.

In some cases, some businesses have even decided to expand their business on social media traffic and do some sort of social media recovery. Perhaps the reason for such events is the widespread presence of people on social networks.

In fact, people spend more time on social media.

Does Buying Traffic To Your Website Work

In the USA, most websites try to increase their site traffic through the Instagram social network.

Of course, social networks, in addition to being able to increase traffic to your site.

They can lead to stronger customer relationships with your business.

3- Selecting the appropriate title

Choosing the right title for the content on your website can increase your site traffic. You need to know what title to use for your website content.

4- Importance of SEO

Perhaps one of the most important ways to increase SEO site traffic. SEO is the same as search engine optimization. Simply put, SEO puts your website on the first page of Google search engine.

In the same way, this will cause users to search for your website by searching for the phrase they want. Accordingly, the importance of SEO and increasing site traffic are directly related to each other.

5- Using long tail keywords

If you are building content for all the popular keywords in your business. It’s time to move on to building content for Long tail keywords.

As you know, most people try to use long words to search for a particular topic. Likewise, if your website generates content based on long tail keywords. Visitors can get to your business faster.

 6- Implementing the schema code

You may not be familiar with schema. Schema codes are actually a way to show your website content to search engines.

  • In fact, you can use the schema code to more easily identify your web pages to search engines and thus be on the first page of the Google results page.
  • implementing a schema is also a technical way to improve website SEO.
How To Generate Website Traffic

7- Do not neglect email marketing

You may think that email marketing is an old way to increase site traffic and no other company uses it. If you think so.

I must tell you that this idea is completely wrong. Because email marketing is still one of the ways to increase traffic to websites. In fact, you can use email marketing to tell your customers about new products and services on your website and thus increase your site traffic.

8- Increase the loading speed of your website

When someone searches for a phrase in a search engine. Trying to click on multiple websites. At this time the competition between the websites increases.

One of the factors that plays a role in the loading speed of the website is the size of the photos, the structure of the pages and the extensions that you use for your web pages. Also, the loading speed of the website, in addition to increasing the traffic to your site. It is also one of the effective factors in optimizing Google search engine.

In such a way that if a website does not have an acceptable loading speed. Cannot reach an acceptable position in the Google search engine.