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Boost your Facebook page/content with USA Facebook Comments. Comments are available for all types of Facebook posts including photos and videos. Come to the experts! We are affordable and reputable. It’s simple! You create the Comments and we’ll upload them to the specified post.

Don’t have the time or momentary inspiration to write Comments? We are able to develop customized Comments within your guidelines upon request. A small upcharge applies. Inquire for more detail!


Want your Comments delivered over a particular time frame?  Let us know!  We are able to completely customize this service to meet your needs.

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Get Affordable USA Facebook Comments

Boost your page and content with our high-quality, USA Facebook Comment service! All profiles are real, well-seasoned and active. And, are USA-only!

  • Delivery starts within 48 business hours
  • Specify your timing (maximum of 50 Comments per day per URL)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. We’ll do what you ask and if we don’t, we’ll make it right!
  • For maximum business impact, please be sure to set your privacy settings to Public
  • Monthly service available at special rates


Turn off privacy so anyone is allowed to view and comment on your posts and photos.

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