7 WordPress SEO Secrets to Driving Insane Website Traffic

7 WordPress SEO Secrets to Driving Insane Website Traffic

7 Important Secrets About WordPress SEO You Need to Know!

Hello friends, in this article, I am going to point out secrets and points in the field of WordPress SEO training articles that you have probably not heard about before, and it will be interesting for you to include these items in the strategy that you compile for your WordPress SEO site. Consider.

First of all, WordPress SEO sites, apart from code and structure optimization discussions, are no different from other SEO sites, and there is no shortage to deal with dedicated sites that are designed at high cost in WordPress sites!

But in general, there are beliefs about WordPress SEO that often make novices look at these websites, and some people who have not had any activity in the Internet, may think that WordPress SEO is not a difficult task and Easily accessible for anyone…

Although WordPress is a ready-made platform for site design, it also makes it easy for you to do some SEO activities; But the ease or difficulty of an SEO project has more to do with the keyword of the site than it’s with the CMS or platform of the site.

To think that by having a WordPress site and using a good SEO plugin like all in one SEO pack or Yoast SEO you can easily get to the first links of Google is a completely wrong idea that achieving this result may come at a cost. End your 6-month effort and create a lot of frustration and despair for you.

So, designing WordPress sites is much simpler and more specialized than designing sites with dedicated CMS, it has nothing to do with whether the SEO of these sites is easy or does not require much expertise to do them.

Secrets about WordPress SEO do not tell you!

In this section, in a few headlines, I am going to reveal some examples of secrets and important points that are not talked about much in the web space (especially in Iran) in the field of WordPress SEO sites, so that if you want to SEO your own WordPress site Know these things at the beginning and plan for them.

Put in User-Friendly Permalinks

Permalinks are URLs which are assigned to specific posts. These links have dates or numbers at the end by default, and it’s up to you to tweak it according to what the webpage is about.

For example, your link will look like this: http://www.site.com/12345 but you can tweak it to a URL like http://www.site.com/your-topic-name for more user-friendliness.

1- In no way will the WordPress SEO plugin bring you to the first rank of Google!

What I am saying does not depend on the type of keyword and the competition of your work, and if there is no other site in that area, you can easily reach the first rank of Google using this plugin.

But we are talking about projects that are really SEO site!

Seeing a site then means that you want to get a site to the first place in, say, 7 months in a keyword that has, for example, 40 good sites with a history of more than 2 years.

Here you should be able to give an important reason to Google to show you above all these 40 sites and not to pay attention to the fact that your age and reputation are less than them. This is why I say that WordPress SEO plugin cannot reach you.

Because learning to turn on the SEO plugin lights is a very simple task that cannot guarantee the quality of an article at all.

To learn how to make these lights green, you can also refer to our WordPress SEO training page , and if you search in the apartment, you will be provided with a free video that you can easily learn about.

So, given the ease of this, all sites do it today, and by doing so, you could not make any distinction between yourself and other sites.

2- The speed and capabilities of your WordPress template are very important in SEO

Try to choose a fast and standard template for your WordPress site from the beginning, because it will be difficult for you to change this theme in the future, and it is better to make the right decision in this regard first.

There is not much talk about choosing a template for WordPress SEO sites, and especially for people who are new, they may have a lot of questions about what format to implement the site on, so that this issue is the speed that is talked about a lot everywhere. Show the best shape on the site.

If you want to know the fastest WordPress templates for SEO, read article fastest loading WordPress theme.

Today, light templates and minimal or simple designs are the best choices for launching a WordPress site with good SEO.

3- In heavy competitions, you will have a serious need for foreign SEO!

WordPress SEO training is not limited to putting content inside the site and creating many posts and even internal links between these posts.

As we said, WordPress SEO site is not so different from other SEO sites, and especially the issue of foreign SEO is exactly the same between 2 sites, and if ignored, the time to reach the first ranks in heavy competition may take more than 2 years. Be that as it may, you cannot call it SEO at all.

Basically, the duration of SEO sites is defined between 6 to 12 months, and if the subject matter is very broad, segmentation is done, and in each stage, a section must reach the first ranks within 6 to 12 months.

If the back links are ignored in a professional and low-risk way, your WordPress SEO will have a problem, so although these topics are very specialized and sensitive, but according to the keywords you want them to be. SEO, you need to have studies in this regard.

Make Your Social Media Backlinks

Many feel that the targeted social media traffic picked up from both web crawlers and online media are unrelated. Nonetheless, that is not the situation! Web indexes will rank blog entries with a large number of offer and likes, far higher than those without those online media communications.

That is the reason it’s vital to improve your online media nearness to improve your SEO also. It’s worthwhile on the grounds that it opens up your site to more traffic AND assists with your SEO positioning.

I suggest that you have web-based media accounts on in any event three stages, for example, Facebook traffic, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, or different stages identified with your specialty. Additionally, observe to NOT phony any offers or likes, as web crawlers can identify that!

Optimize the Correct XML Sitemap

Web search tools have devoted web crawlers who look for sites, ordering content. So, in the event that you have an untidy and sloppy site, at that point the crawler can’t explore through your webpage well, which brings about inappropriate site ordering.

In what manner will you have the option to compose your substance and posts? That is the place XML site maps tag along, which would include the posts and pages you have on the site. It will at that point show the connections between the substance you have.  Through a legitimate XML webpage map, it sorted out your site, making it simpler to explore for search bots. This improves your opportunity of positioning high, as they recognize what your site and pages are about at this point!

Optimize Image Optimization

Other than including the correct picture alt labels, you likewise need to ensure you utilize top notch pictures. Guarantee that it’s in the correct measurements and organization, while as yet keeping it in a lower size to have it load snappier for client experience. You can do as such by packing your picked pictures or by storing and resizing it, utilizing a picture improvement device. That way, individuals will be more disposed to remain on your site on account of its speed, diminishing ricochet rate and assisting with SEO.

Reduction Your Bounce Rate

A site’s skip rate quantifies exactly what number of individuals go to your site and leave without checking some other page or post. A higher skip rate is BAD, demonstrating how uninteresting your page and substance is. In addition to the fact that this affects your traffic, yet SEO and positioning. Have a decent subject that looks high-caliber and expert, simple to explore around with.

To wrap things up, it’s critical to advance your site for both work area AND MOBILE traffic. You need BOTH, having a responsive site that alters relying upon the gadget individuals use. This issues to web index calculations, as they additionally center around responsive sites for everybody, particularly now since more individuals use web crawlers on their cell phones.

Ensure that you incorporate Accelerated Mobile Pages uphold on your site and change your design to make it appropriate for versatile, as well.

4- Writing an attractive title in WordPress SEO sites

Writing an attractive title is one of the things that the WordPress SEO plugin is incapable of recognizing and only human creativity can achieve this.

I produced a lot of articles and posts on our own WordPress site, and I know for sure that the good rankings they have today are 90% because of their attractive titles. In general, the things that your competitors do not are basically things that cannot be done by plugins, and it is your manual or individual creativity that shapes them.

Be sure to write a title that is one of the most important secrets of WordPress SEO sites and no matter how much you read about it; you will benefit.

To write interesting and professional titles, knowing the psychology tips can help you a lot, and if you do not have time to study in these areas, I suggest you do a little English search for the title of your articles and writings to get a lot of ideas. You will get good results from the most successful sites in the world in that field.

5- Choosing the right keyword to SEO the site

Another disadvantage of the Just WordPress SEO plugin is choosing the right keyword for your pages and posts.

Well, you want to SEO a WordPress site, so you should be able to do the main thing to start SEO of a website, that is, choose the keyword carefully. You might think that this issue is very simple and well the key word becomes the title of the service or product that we want to provide to the customer.

But this is not the case, and this is exactly one of the cases where a good personal creativity can be a miracle in SEO on that page or post. For every topic you want to write about, there are more than 10 long and short keywords that your customers will search on the internet to reach their goal.

For example, the same topic of SEO training that is addressed on our site, includes many cases that perhaps the customers that we can get from these items, are much more accessible than customers who must be ranked first with the word “SEO training” Reach so we can reach them.

Some examples of these:

  • SEO video tutorial
  • Content SEO training
  • Comprehensive SEO training
  • SEO training package
  • Zero to one hundred SEO training
  • WordPress SEO Training
  • WordPress SEO tutorial
  • And….

6- Creativity in producing content for WordPress SEO sites

The sixth most important secret you need to know about WordPress SEOs is creativity in content production.

First of all, with a little study about WordPress SEO sites, we realized that content is the most important factor for SEO. (Although the impact of links is sometimes greater than the content, this is not our topic at the moment.) There are many tutorials on content creation on the Internet that can help your marriage in this discussion, and the more fresh and different content you can produce compared to your competitors, the more your website will be in the eyes of Google. came.

For example, one of the tricks to producing specific and less competitive content is to discuss comparing two or more products.

Comparison topics are always very appealing, and the downside to this type of content is that it may not seem like the user is exactly looking for a comparison of the two products, and you probably wonder what kind of visitor this article wants to have for me.

But it’s not just a user search (although some of these have a searcher).

Once you have a lot to say about the services or products you offer, it will be a very positive point for your site compared to your competitors. Of course, the most important thing in this section is the uniqueness and specificity of the information that you provide.

7- Keeping the user inside the site is one of the most important points of internal site SEO

In the fourth point, we mentioned the topic of title writing, which, if done in an ideal and provocative way, will draw the user to your site. Now that this is the last SEO secret for WordPress sites, we introduce the most important supplement to the title, which is keeping the user inside the site.

The user has been drawn to your site and now Google has realized that your site is more visible in search engine displays than competitors.

Now he is taking another test from your site and that is to see if this user who has been drawn to this site is satisfied with the content of this site or not!? The most important criterion for this is to see how much the user stays on your site.

What is characteristic is that when someone visits a site quickly, it means that they should not be satisfied with the content of the site (except for some sites).

So how can you keep a lot of users inside your site:

  1. Use video or audio files in all posts, at least on your important pages, because most users do not have the patience to read.
  2. First, using a list, introduce all the topics you described in the article so that the user can see how much information is useful in this article.
  3. Publish your posts with high readability, that is, shorten your sentences and type a lot so that the user’s eyes do not get tired when they see the text of the page.
  4. Use different images and colors so that your writing is not uniform for the user.

We hope that these 7 tips on WordPress SEO sites can help you and you still want to visit and read our articles.